VPD Clinical Associates - Professional Services

Professional Services

Offering a professional, holistic and humanistic approach to help you solve sticky problems in your life and open up new opportunities for change and growth as well. Through engaging lifestyle analysis and various cognitive and behavioral experiments and explorations, together we will try to help you find a healthy and meaningful approach to moving forward with confidence and enthusiasm. I invite you to contact me for an initial discussion and evaluative session.

Customized Conseling services for Individuals, Couples & Families.
Comprehensive services are provided incorporating an integrated, humanistic, mulit-modal, time limited approach for...

Individual & Groupwork:

  • Mood disorders (Anxiety, PTSD, Social phobia, Panic disorders, Anger Management & Depression)
  • Addictions (Alcohol, Drug and Behavioral)
  • Adult ADD
  • Interpersonal - Relationship (Issues at the workplace & at Home)
  • Life coaching
  • Couples Counseling
  • Job Loss and Career Transition & Relocation
  • Career Counseling

Rehabilitation Counseling:

  • Individual - Counseling, Assistive, Technologies - Research & Advice
  • Workplace - Job Analysis, Job Coaching, Job Developement, Job Evaluation, Job Restructuring

Business Planning & Consultation